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Created by QnomeiCreated by Qnomei

Description Edit

Winter is the most diverse map in Tanktastic. It has rolling hills, high mountains, a military base, static helicopers, and a small village at the bottom of a valley. This map is best at 16 player TDM. Utilizing all of its huge area is essential. This is a long range combat type map. 


High ground abundantly covers the outsides of the map. Look for little used pathways up the mountains, you may find a good flanking position or sniping spot. 

The ValleyEdit

In the middle of the map is a small village. It is very easy to find cover here, because the roofs of the buildings have square hitboxes. You may think there's a clear shot to that T-10 , but then the shell hits the invisible top of a building. Be careful here, the enemy team can use the surrounding cover to overwhelm your attack very quickly. 

Tips: Edit

Use white paints, as this Map is decent for artillery users.

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