Should you have any inquries, questions; et cetera: you may contact one of the following list of current Tanktastic Wikia Staff.

However, please; note that we are not part of G.H.O.R; henceforth, do not ask us about upcoming patches, updates; et cetera: you may contact one of the Tanktastic Staff for more information about any upcoming patches, updates; et cetera.

The Retired Lead Developer of Tanktastic, Romeo Ordos, will not say anything in any regard to the Game; thus, any questions will be pointless.

This is the current list of Tanktastic Wikia Staff:

Official Tanktastic Wikia Founder:

  • Advisable.

Official Tanktastic Wikia Bureaucrats:

  • Xpraetorianx.
  • Unknown 4249.
  • Romeo Ordos

Official Tanktastic Wikia Administrators:

  • Drestdave.
  • Qnomei.
  • Digitalcrow

Thank you for you invaulable time, gentlemen.

Best Regards;

The Tanktastic Wikia Staff.

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