• I live in Great Britain the land of the brave the island of the kings
  • I am Male
  • Sharks06

    hey guys its me sharks06 ive been off the wiki for months now i was a bit busy but i will come on the wiki from time to time the wiki has changed a bit when i was gone and has improved for the better thanks to the commmunity taking effort to edit. guys find me in tanktastic or PM me on the forums if you wanna ask me something tanktastic in my idea is one of the best tank games of all time with addictive multiplayer matches clans and chatting to friends also i like going on the forums at times. Guys if you have any questions about tanktastic tell me here. plus guys also tell me about am i good as a player and if you enjoy me as a freind

    Bye for now find me swimming in the open waters of tanktastic finding my prey

    Sharks06 leader of clan JAWS …

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