• CTS 4563

    7:00AM (GMT PHL)- A Familiar Tank has been spotted at the Snowy Mounts of Winter Map, Ransacking numerous innocent players during CTF mode, and The Players said that tank has Diamond emblem on it, 3 of them in one group, and the tank is encrypted "RAR34" on the MBT70, 30 Killed, and 5 of them survived.

    10:59 AM- In a quiet,oilfield turns to be a Chaos,  A Wild Challenger 1 destructing 2 squads of Tanks- mostly Russians, has been wreck havoc for 15 mins.  And one of the surviving squads saw a 3 blue diamond emblem on its side and an encrypted "RAR34" on its turret, 36 killed, but none of them survived.

    Officials now Released that this Female is Wanted, Reward is unknown.


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  • CTS 4563

    A New Skill is Found

    May 21, 2015 by CTS 4563

    6:30 PM (GMT PHL)- A Driver fought a skilled driver in her MBT-70 has a powerful tatic known as: Rocks and Lead

    Its a Tactic known to fire a Missile first on its target, and once hits, it will fire a main gun by circling it, once dones,  

    The process repeat until The missile is empty/ gets killed

    One of the players said. That tank is assassinater --So does the driver,  Kills multiple times with a low chance to be killed, and also shoots even in tougher tank than the fully upgraded MBT70

    One guy said, The last name was saw is a female, and was known as rarity v34, a Filipino female tanker


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