• First off you did great work adding the catorgies to the articles. I'm hoping to continue with adding the Previous and Next tank thing. I would like to finish that. So, I actually came across something else we still need to handle:the In-game. Many in 2.0 added vehicles still have 'Not Yet Here'. We also need to add the photos to the Catorgie for example NATO. Since the update is out, several stats of tanks has been changed,for example the pricing. I'll take care of the biggest part; the PreTank and NextTank, in game part and the update for infoboxes.

    As I can not contact Digitalcrow for any of this media, could you contact him. I know he is fairly busy at the moment. So maybe you can take care of the needed mediafiles etc.

    I'll add pictures as well.

    If you have any job left, I'll glad to take it.

    Kind regards, Drestdave

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    • Excellent work on the map pages Qnomei, me and the rest of us will get them revised and changed where necessary to make them completely informative on what needs to be known about each map. Because I've been so busy, I'll likely get to doing that towards the end of next month. But I can assure you that they will be looking great when that time arrives.

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    • Thanks, the maps pages were bothering me, and the map images needed updating from 2.2 anyway so it didn't take too long. I really wish the developers would just give us the maxed stats for all of the tanks, it would make updating the pages so much easier. I've considered asking for a press account (and publish a review on Game-Debate or something like that) So I could get all the upgrade pricing and such. That kind of information is encrypted in the files, just like the source code.

      Next thing I will work on is icons for all the tanks, instead of listing links in the navbox. Here's what that looks like in my folder right now.

      Screenshot (1864)

      I just had to add the labels manually instead of taking a bunch of screenshots and cropping them. That's what I get for wanting high quality images.

      On the bright side, I learned that Tanktastic uses the Orbitron font and Roboto font. I wanted to change the wiki's font to Orbitron, but for anyone to see it they would have to install the font on their computer first.

      And yes, I do use software to open the game assets and look inside, but it's impossible to hack the game that way, so if I get banned for it I will be very surprised. Especially since I've only done it to get info for the wiki. For instance, the background for this wiki was taken from the game files. That's why there's no loading bar. Same goes for a few of the minimap images I enlarged (especially the training map, since the minimap isn't shown durring the training missions) and the ammo icons on the ammo page, which I will change to the larger ones from Basic Training since they finally added the AP icon.

      Maybe I'll end up taking screenshots and cropping them anyway, idk. I'm very busy and very distracted right now. Schoolwork piling up and anxiety rising.

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    • Alright, sounds great. If you need help with implementing new features in any way I'll be sure to give assistance when I find the time to be able to.

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    • Hello Collages,

      First thing: awesome job done. The pictures and map pages look beautiful. I'll get to the part why I wrote this message quickly. I am on a holiday, that is why I was absent the last few weeks. When I get back I'll start as well.

      I'll contact the community manager, Altank, regarding the rest account. Maybe it is handy to have two of them. Next to that I'll start with some ideas for the tank articles, such as a possible review video and damage box.

      Qnomei, can you tell me where to get your software to open the game assets?

      I'll get back in contact when I returned.


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    • I found this program works the best. I didn't have much luck with the Android files, since they are installed as unreadable OBB data, but if you use iTunes to download the game on your PC you get an ipa file without any split asset bundles.

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    • As regards your questions, the Tanktastic English Staff will provide any assistance to any such needs - as long as reasonable, of course. Most such purposes will be taken on by a ramificated Team which is currently known under the name of TECREAT.

      As regards your first two requests, I will see to establish a direct channel between developers and TECREAT - possibly - so that any requested media may be provided. Also, creation of test accounts for such purposes has been approved and confirmed. Once procedures are established, selected TECREAT members will be given access to them.

      Access to test accounts will be regulated by moderating guidelines and any misuse punished accordingly. Safety measures will also be established, such as weekly password changes. Should you have any more requests, please, write down a list for formal review and approval.

      That was Altanks anwser to the questions regarding a test account.

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    • Wow. That's very nice of them, good job. It will be great to finally get all of the stats and upgrade info updated. I was thinking about making a table template so people can see what upgrades are available, how much they cost, and how much XP is needed to max a tank with upgrade points. I remember they used to have an official site with the basic tank stats, but it's no longer online anymore.

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    • That would be an excellent addition to each of the vehicles' pages, and is something that is needed more now due to the experience system being made a little more complicated and further upgrades being added to the game. We just need some new information boxes for all of them and a test account to obtain the information, and we can get that going along with the rest of the stuff.

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