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The Raketenjagdpanzer 2 in the garage of 2.0.

Real life counterpart 2


The Raketenjagdpanzer 2, or Raketenjagdpanzer SS-11, was a German missile-armed destroyer employed from 1967 to 1982 and equipped with Nord SS.11 guided anti-tank missiles. It was developed at the same time as the Kanonenjagdpanzer (the tank destroyer variant of the Raketenjagdpanzer 2) and the Marder 1 IFV.

Combat Roles In-game

The Raketenjagdpanzer's anti-tank missiles can deal some immense damage, but there are some constraints to its actual use since the ATM has to lock on to its targets. Though it can be very deadly when encountered from a distance, it is practically helpless when fought from up-close. Since a distance between the target and the Raketenjagdpanzer must be made in order to actually fire the missile, it cannot do anything in means of fighting back when the enemy is too close to it. So, killing the Raketenjagdpanzer is easy; just driving up close enough to it so it cannot lock on at all is enough to basically guarantee that the attacker will come out victorious against it. The armor of the Raketenjagdpanzer is very weak as well, so high explosive shells can deal some massive damage to it. Although the armor is weak, its speed is excellent, meaning that it is easily possible for the Raketenjagdpanzer to evade enemy fire and make it back to some type of safety. Since the missile can only be locked onto enemies from a distance, it is recommended that the Raketenjagdpanzer uses spots where it is easy to move up a bit and shoot before quickly getting back down into cover to reload and avoid enemy fire.

Pros and Cons:


Kanonenjagdpanzer, the tank destroyer variant of the Raketenjagdpanzer 2


  • Tank is very effective in all levels in its personal level range
  • Very fast speed, reverse speed is excellent as well
  • Handles terrain fairly well
  • Fairly fast rate of fire for a missile launcher


Post-3692-0-26852500-1449132765 thumb

Kanonenjadgpanzer (left) and Raketenjagdpanzer 2 (right) in Stone Trap Arena

  • Absolutely no turret rotation (rotation of the missile launcher)
  • Gunner's sight is made very difficult to use due to having no turret rotation to move it
  • Armor is even worse than that of the Kanonenjagdpanzer, when maxed
  • Only armed with missiles, so practically helpless when attacked from close range
  • Slow lock on time.
  • Restricted in some maps


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