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Radar (acronym for RAdio Detection And Ranging) is an object-detection system that uses radio waves to determine the range, altitude, direction, or speed of objects. It can be used to detect aircraft, ships, spacecraft, guided missiles, motor vehicles, weather formations, and terrain. The radar dish or antenna transmits pulses of radio waves or microwaves that bounce off any object in their path. The object returns a tiny part of the wave's energy to a dish or antenna that is usually located at the same site as the transmitter.

Upgrade DetailsEdit

Radar increases the distance at which enemy tanks appear on the mini-map. It's useful for avoiding ambushes, finding hidden enemies, and rooting out spawn killers though it can't detect Air-craft in game. Often overlooked, this upgrade provides better situational awareness to veteran tankists.Qnomei (talk) 22:35, May 8, 2014 (UTC)

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