Official Wikia Guideline and Policy.

  • Tanktastic Wikia's main language is English; any other language used in articles or otherwise will be removed.
  • Creating/posting any content that is not related to Tanktastic is strictly forbidden.
  • Ensure to use proper Grammar, punctuation, and spelling; hard-to-read articles will be edited/removed.
  • Users who edit articles are asked to base their information on facts, not on opinions. That would make the Wikia untrustworthy.

If a user is found to have participated in such actions, they will:

  • Be warned, depending upon severity.

Rules for behaviour on the Wikia in general: 

  • Cursing and profanities: inappropriate language is strictly forbidden.
  • Starting/taking part to discussions on social, religious, poloticial topics that create controversy; sexual references, looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Creation of accounts that contains inappropriate content, including, but not limited to: profanities, racist or nationalistic implications, whether partly covered or just implied.
  • Creating articles/messages that advertise non-benefical, non-Tanktatic-related businesses, organisations or websites; providing links to said externa resources.

If a user is found to have participated in such actions, they will:

  • Be warned/banned, depending upon severity.

This article is subject to further change. 

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​Tanktastic Wikia Staff Team.