Offline mode is one of the 4 main core options you can choose when pressing battle, Offline mode is good for training yourself and your vehicle for actual matches or if your internet connection is down, a way to kill off time until your connection is back up.

How does it work and how do I use it? Edit

When starting Offline mode you are greeted by settings to fit how you want your gameplay experience to be like. Most of it similar to creating a room on online but there are two main differences.

  • AI difficulty which is determined by Easy, Normal, and Hard, changing this means that you are changing how intelligent the AI will be and how they interact in the environment.
  • Amount of AI can be changed to determine how many AI do you want to be in the game ranging from 4, 8, 12, and 16; aIl though the type of mode and map will determine the limit of AI added in the game.
    Tanktastic 222:33

    Tanktastic 2.0 offline game demonstration (EN)

    Tanktastic game demonstration.

Key differences to Online mode Edit

Offline mode is similar to Online mode but has key disadvantages:

  • The bots or AI are to easy to counter and fight against, and don't offer that much of a challenge even when set on hard.
  • No rewards are given after a match has finished.
  • No chat.
  • Slow gameplay, due to the AI busy wandering the map.

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