Offline mode is one of the 4 main core options you can choose when pressing battle, Offline mode is good for training yourself and your vehicle for actual matches or if your internet connection is down, a way to kill off time until your connection is back up.

How does it work and how do I use it? Edit

When starting Offline mode you are greeted by settings to fit how you want your gameplay experience to be like. Most of it similar to creating a room on online but there are two main differences.

  • AI difficulty which is determined by Easy, Normal, and Hard, changing this means that you are changing how intelligent the AI will be and how they interact in the environment.
  • Amount of AI can be changed to determine how many AI do you want to be in the game ranging from 4, 8, 12; aIl though the type of mode and map will determine the limit of AI added in the game. (16 bots is shown in the settings when choosing the amount of bots but cannot be chosen no matter what map or type of game mode.
    Tanktastic 2

    Tanktastic 2.0 offline game demonstration (EN)

    Tanktastic game demonstration.

Key differences to Online mode Edit

Offline mode is similar to Online mode but has key disadvantages:

  • The bots or AI are to easy to counter and fight against, and don't offer that much of a challenge even when set on hard.
  • No rewards are given after a match has finished.
  • No chat.
  • Slow gameplay, due to the AI busy wandering the map.
  • Total amount of bots/players cannot be maxed at 16.