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Center button: Clans

This page is for players interested in joining a clan.

Joining a clan will give the player a 10% increase of experience in addition to a team of friends. You must be Rank 9 before you are able to join and you must apply in game via the middle yellow tank button (See picture). A selection of clans will be seen showing the name, amount of people and the shortened name which will be seen beside beside the players name during matches. If you are looking for a specific clan simply type the name into the box and it will appear.

New to clans, is the ranking system which shows a leaderboard of the amount of xp gained daily, weekly and monthly. During the end of the week or month, a prize is awarded for the top 50. There is also an individual ranking leaderboard which has the same concept. A clan treasury has also been introduced, as well as clan wars. Not much is known of what the function the treasury will have.

PLEASE DO NOT SPAM THIS PAGE! But feel free to add your clan name and a contact. Also any requirements. Any new additions must be placed at the bottom. Thank you.

NOTE: unregistered and new members are not allowed to edit this page.

[TECT] TT English Staff

This clan is reserved for members of the TECT (Tanktastic English Community Team) only!

[HAWK] Honour, Allegiance, Wisdom and Kindness

Contact Praetorian (creator) or Digitalcrow (acting leader) about joining - to apply you must be of chief warrant officer rank and be online regularly. We are a friendly clan, with personality put out in front of skill. If required you may be given training, but it will usually be optional.  Check the forum topic for more info. We also have a clan website available at

[FIRE] Shepherds of Fire

Have a high rank, very good tanks, or be recommended to me by a clan member. Contact dragontanker of both forums and in game for application.

[USMC] USMC Snipers

Contact me USMC Sniper or ol chapling both forum and in game to apply, requirements- be of good personality and not a spammer, flooder, etc...

[CAT] Champion All Time

I, Cat tank, am the leader of my clan. Any rank can join, but must be highly skilled, and have good attitudes. Contact me in game for an application. 

[AKOR] Afrika Korps

I am the leader, Unknown 4249. I am not recruiting so if you see this, do not send me a request to join my clan. I get requests to join my clan a lot even though I don't want anyone. 

[NOVA] Supernova

Galactical Conquerors.  Inplainsight is the leader, contact me to apply. Have a good personality, skilled in your tanks, and hopefully a high level tank (of course there are exceptions) Thats all my friends ;)

[ECA] Elite Command Army

Request to Join in-game. We are an elite army, dominating scoreboards and rooms.


Co-leader: Darz17

[DRAW] We Like to play II

Request to Join in-game.

[VOV] 1941-1945

Request to Join in-game.

[VOIN] Cerber

Request to Join in-game.


Request to Join in-game.

[BOGR] German Ronins

Request to Join in-game.

[VOLT] Volturi

Request to Join in-game.

[RDX] Best Player

Request to Join in-game.

[UKRA] Ukraine

Request to Join in-game.

[ZVER] Wild Division

Request to Join in-game.

[DFO] Far Eastern Squad

Request to Join in-game.

[SWAR] Shadow Warriors

Request to Join in-game.

[WADK] White Amazon Death Knights

Request to Join in-game.

[PETA] Pembela Tanah Air

Request to Join in-game.

[HEAT] Brothers in Tanks

Request to Join in-game.

[JAPI] Japan Zipang

Request to Join in-game.

[BURN] Big Flame

Request to Join in-game.

[AOW] Rasta

Request to Join in-game.

[KTC] Korea Tank Clan

Request to Join in-game.

[FMD] Full Metal Demons

Request to Join in-game.

[CRO] Killers Tanks

Request to Join in-game.

[KTK] Killer Tanks

Request to Join in-game.

[CAMO] Never See Us Coming

Request to Join in-game.

[KRON] Krones

Request to Join in-game.

[SPTA] Sparta

Request to Join in-game.

[HAIL] Hail to the Kings

Request to Join in-game.

[NOOB] Noobest

Request to Join in-game.

[EAGL] Eagle One

[EAGL] Eagle One, we are a friendly group of 128 members from many country around the world, ratings in the top 50 on the in game leader board. Requirements to join our group of friends are to be kind and courteous to all members of the Tanktastic community and to abide by the rules of the EULA (End-User License Agreement).

Request to join in game or you can contact VINT on the Tanktastic English Forum, no rank requirement.

Thank You and Best Regards

Leader: VINT.

Member of the TECMOT (Tanktastic English Community MOderating Team).

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