City map is just a bit bigger than Demomap, but smaller than Forest based in Los Angeles due to the signs on the highway. In the middle sits an overpass that overlooks the entire map. Although it is a small map, it seems a lot bigger than it looks because of the amounts of twists and turns , also including the amounts of positions tanks could setup to ambush the unexpecting enemy armor coming their way. 

Close-Quarters Tank WarfareEdit

This map is a favorite for Deathmatch games. Oddly, no night optics upgrades are needed when the lobby is set to night. Campers have a couple of favorite spots, and it's important to know where these are. Several alleys are perfect for ambushes and surprise attacks. Some small tanks can squeeze through alleys that normal tanks can't, like the Spahpanzer SP I.C.or Amx-13. It is highly suggested for vehicles with turrets, fast tanks, or tanks with plenty of armor on both sides to be played on this map. 

Maps in Tanktastic
Current Alabino - City - DemoMap - Forest - Industrial - Jungle - Military - OilField - Stone Trap Arena - Village - WildWest - Winter
Tutorial Training Map
Unreleased Desert

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