Announcement Page

This is where you will find announcements on things such as:

  • Ongoing work, such as new pages/articles.
  • Fixes to current pages/articles.
  • Feedback from admins
  • Notifications of any drastic changes to the wiki
  • Other news.

Admins Spot:

  1. Did you find the wiki interesting? Remember to recommend it to your friends.
  2. Digital Crow's stat database has been given its own page, View it here.

06/2/17: A lot of work has been planned due to the game updating to 2.0, therefore expect many changes and possible errors. Furthermore a lot of information is now incorrect and will require to be rewritten. This will take time. If you wish to help please message an administrator. Thank you.


The map infobox has been completed. Also, a bug causing all articles with the new templates in them to be put in the Templates category has now been fixed. Next up is creating templates for tank upgrades and upgrade costs.


The infobox and navbox for tank articles have been completed. They must be added every new tank article from now on.


A lot of pages had their protection changed so that unregistered and new members cannot edit them. This was done due to reports of misuse of editing. More changes like this will occur.


New badges have been added for editing articles in the regional tank categories (NATO Tanks, ASIA Tanks, USSR Tanks). Show off your expertise!


The Wiki is currently undergoing design and navigation changes. New areas have been added that may not be linked correctly. If you spot an error please let Digital Crow know so he can reconnect the links. Refrain from adding redundant categories to info pages about tanks. Qnomei will manage those.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this period.


I have added a Tanktastic Wikia Wallpaper Available Here!


Hello and thank you all for your contributions!

I'm currently working across the vehicles/upgrades section at the moment. If anyone has any requests, ideas, likes or hates please post a message on the Tanktastic forum . I will create a topic on the forum under the website section where people can post any information relating to the wikia.

I will also be adding a category in the navigation called "Guides" (May Change) where we will list all the helpful information that you have posted for other players.

e.g. New players Guide, Tank Buying Guide, Air Support Guide etc.

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