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Should you have any inquries, questions, problems; et cetera: you may contact one of the Tanktastic Wikia Staff listed below.

However, please; note that we are not part of G.H.O.R: henceforth, do not ask us about future patches, updates; et cetera: for more information, you may contact one of the Tanktastic Staff on the English Tanktastic Forums.

The Retired Lead Developer, Romeo Ordos, will not say anything in any regards to the Game; thus, any questions will be pointless.

The current list of active Wikia Staff are as follows:

Official Tanktastic Wikia Founder:Edit


Official Tanktastic Wikia Bureaucrats: Edit



Unknown 4249

Official Tanktastic Wikia Administrators: Edit


Digital Crow


Thank you for your invaulable time, gentlemen.

Best Regards;

Tanktastic Wikia Staff.

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