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Tanktastic Wiki 2.0 Renovation

Since 2.0 has recently arrived, the Tanktastic Wiki now needs some huge modifications to stay up to date with the new update.
Here is the list of what needs to be done in the wiki, from highest prioirty going down.
1. Tank Statistics of all tanks need to be changed to 2.0 versions, both stock and maxed.
2. The In-Game Performances of each tank needs to be updated to 2.0 standards.
3. Pros and Cons of every tank need to be changed to 2.0 standards.
4. All Maps pages need to be updated to 2.0 versions
5. The Maps category page needs to be updated.
6. The Module Upgrades page needs to be updated.
7. The Ammunition Upgrades page needs to be updated.
8. Each Game Mode page needs to be updated to 2.0 versions.
9. The New Players Guide page needs to be updated to 2.0 standards.
10. The Tanks for Beginners page needs to be updated to 2.0 standards.
11. The Air Support page needs to be updated with new aircraft added as well.
12. The Camouflages page needs to be updated.
13. The Upgrades category page needs to be updated.
14. The Game Modes category page needs to be updated.
15. All outdated images and videos need to be removed and replaced with up to date images and videos.
16. Fix any mistakes in spelling, puncuation, grammar, and capitalization.
17. Fix any broken links.
18. Delete comments on all of these pages, in order to maintain tidyness.
Some rules when editing these pages:
-Use proper spelling, puncuation, grammar, and capitalization.
-Be formal in the writing, don't use any words that definitely wouldn't be seen in articles and such (there can be exceptions), and nothing explicit either.
-Avoid using the word "I" and reduce using the word "you", as it is information about the things featured in the pages and not you or me.
-Keep the information unbiased and serious, no opinions in the pages.
If you are not very good at English or have just found some mistakes that require changing, please contact me if there is some information that needs to be fixed. I am more than glad to help.
I will be updating this agenda when other tasks that need to be done are found and added to here, or tasks are completed. Thanks so much for your help, it is greatly appreciated to help make the Tanktastic Wiki a great and helpful tool for all Tanktastic players to use.
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Fv510 or Fv102 striker upgrade

Can anyone tell me is Fv510 warrior in Nato British has any atms? I don't wanna waste my hard earned money in months on something that doesn't stand a chance in battle, as it has very low armour n health n if no atm then it is of non se, so i wanna know if warrior has any atms or, should i go to continue upgrading my striker.
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Templates, Navboxes, Etc.

As you probably noticed from the tons of edits I made recently, I finally finished the navbox for tank pages. It looks like this:

Vehicles in Tanktastic

Tank Categories
Anti-Aircraft Tanks - Artillery - Heavy Tanks - IFV Tanks - Light Tanks - MBT Tanks - Medium Tanks - Multiple Launch Rocket Systems - Prototype - Tank Destroyers - Wheeled Tanks

M26 Pershing - M41 Walker Bulldog - M42 Duster - M44 - M48 Patton - M56 Scorpion - T92 Light - T95E6 Medium - M50 Ontos - M60 Patton - MBT-70 - M103 - M109 Paladin - M551 Sheridan - M1 Abrams - M1A2 Abrams Tusk II - M2 Bradley - M270 MLRS - M8 AGS - Stingray - M1128 Stryker MGS
Spahpanzer SP I.C. - Kanonenjagdpanzer - Flakpanzer Gepard - Marder 1A1 - Puma IFV - Raketenjagdpanzer 2 - VT 1 - Leopard 1 - Leopard 2 - PzH 2000
United Kingdom
FV101 Scorpion - FV102 Striker - Centurion - FV214 Conqueror - FV4030 Challenger 1 - FV4034 Challenger 2 - FV4201 Chieftain - FV4101 Charioteer - FV510 Warrior IFV
AMX-13 - AMX-30 - AMX-32 - AMX-40 - AMX-56 Leclerc - ARL-44 - AMX-10RC - AMX-13 F3 AM - AMX-50B - ERC 90 Sagaie
C1 Ariete
PL-01 Concept
Ikv 91 - Strv 74 - CV 90120t - Strv 103

Warsaw Pact
ZSU-23-4 Shilka - PT-76 - ASU-85 - SU-152 Taran - BMP-3 - BRM-1K - IS-3 - IS-4 - T-10 - Object 279 - T-54 - T-62 - T-64 - T-72 - T-80 - TOS-1 Buratino - 2S1 Gvozdika - 2S14 Zhalo-S (BTR-70)  - 2S23 Nona-SVK - 2S3 Akatsiya - 2S31 Vena - 9P139 Grad-1 - ASU-57 - IS-7 - IT-1 - ZSU-57-2 Sparka - Object 490A
2S25 Sprut-SD - BMPT Terminator - T-90 - T-90MS - Object 640 Black Eagle - 2S19 Msta-S - T-14 Armata (Object 148)
T-84 BM Oplot - BTR-4 Bucephalus
TR-85 Bizonul

Type 59 - Type 62 - Type 69-II - Type 79 - Type 83 - Type 83 MLRS - Type 85 - Jaguar MBT - PTZ-89 - Type 99 - PLZ-05
Type 60 - Type 61 - Type 74 - Type 74 ACS - Type 89 IFV - Type 90 Kyu-maru - Type 10 Hitomaru
Sherman M-51 - Magach - Merkava - Pereh Missile Carrier
South Korea
K1 88 - K2 Black Panther - K9 Thunder
North Korea
Type 82 (PT-85 Sinhung)
Al-Khalid (MBT-2000)

WWII Tanks
Nazi Germany
Panzer II - Panzer III - Panzer IV - Panther - Tiger I - Tiger II - Maus
Soviet Union
BT-2 - BT-7 - T-28 - KV-1 - T-34/85 - IS

Air Support
A-10 Warthog - A4M Skyhawk - Bell AH-1 Cobra - F4 Phantom II - UH-1C Hog
Warsaw Pact
Mi-24 Hind - Mi-8 Hip - Sukhoi Su-7 - Sukhoi Su-17 - Sukhoi Su-25

Unreleased Vehicles

Germany: Leopard 2A7+
Sweden: Grkpbv 90120

Warsaw Pact



Israel: MAR-290 Eshel ha-Yarden MLRS

(Well, not quite. The forum made everything left justified, but I'm sure you've seen it on the tank pages.)
Now, you may be wondering, how do I add one to a new tank page? It's actually pretty easy. In source mode, type {{Navbox}} at the end of the page on its own line. You could also use the "Add Template" button and search for Navbox, but just remember to put your cursor at the bottom of the page, or the navbox will show up somewhere in the middle of your text.
We also have the tank infobox I added earlier. I plan on adding level requirement lines to it eventually. It's not a high priority to add rank requirements just yet, but for future reference, find the image file name of the ranks you want from this page, then paste them into the correct box. The format for adding images is [[File:filename.whatever|text you want to appear]].
Later, I will make navboxes for maps in the game, upgrades, and game modes.
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